The largest share Orissa’s population lives in rural areas. And the rural population consists mainly of tribals. Especially in the field of health care and health related awareness among the tribal people of Orissa is a big failure. The health care system is in poor condition. The biggest victims of this malfunctioning health care system are the children. Targeted towards under privileged people of the rural areas of Orissa. Mobile Healthcare Project provides free primary health services on regular basis. The Project is already running successfully in the rural areas of Orissa.

The Mobile Healthcare Project has one qualified Doctor, a Staff Nurse, a Pharmacist, an Administrative support staff and a Driver, which is being equippted with primary health equipments and medicines which are to be disseminated free of cost. The Mobile Healthcare Project provides free primary medical care services and referral services to the inhabitants of villages along with free medicines distribution. The Mobile Healthcare Project also generates awareness regarding health, hygiene and also offers support during time of epidemics and natural disasters.

THE OLIVE ORISSA with a vision to make Public Health Services available in the remote and backward rural areas of Orissa. Since then, the response has encouraged the organization to increase and expand the services to other backward districts of Orissa. Besides, children and females constitute more 70 per cent of those who have been benefited from our primary healthcare services in the rural areas of Orissa. In addition to resolving the primary health problems by providing regular free health check-ups and free medicines, the affording health and hygiene education, organizing regular health camps and providing medical services during natural disasters.


The main reasons behind such highest mortality rate and malnutrition among children are :-

i)       Antenatal poor health condition of the mothers

ii)      Delivery of the child under unhygienic condition and improper postnatal condition of living

iii)     Lack of access to proper medication

iv)     Improper diet without any protein or fat substance that leads to chronic malnutrition

v)      Lack of knowledge of hygiene among the parents.

THE OLIVE ORISSA Mobile Health Care Project is one such special initiative to provide health care services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalised community in remote rural areas and slums through standalone camps. THE OLIVE ORISSA customized mobile health care project extensively offering comprehensive health care services. THE OLIVE ORISSA Mobile Health Care Project aims at reaching out at least 10 districts of Orissa in 3 years and expects to improve the health seeking behaviour among the rural community.


In addition to a Physician, the Mobile Health Care Project team includes a Nurse practitoner and a community health advocate. It provides a full array of pediatric primary care services such as :-

* Screeings for vision, hearing, anemia

* Urine Test

* Blood Test

* Blood Grouping etc.

The Health Care Project

The Mobile Health Care Project offers health education and treatment for minor injuries when appropriate persons are referred for follow up care and specially services to manage conditions such as asthma, diabetes or mental health problems.

Community outreach is rewarding because we can provide services that may improve the health and future of children and thus the strength of the community as a whole. The Mobile Health Care Project is supported by donners.


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