A Word from Volunteers
The Olive Orissa is focusing on the much needed training and education of girls. Empowerment of women is a key to making a change in attitudes about traditional work and power, and this organization is at the forefront of this very important moment. I wish them best of luck. – Mallory RaymondMallory Raymond
The Olive Orissa is truly a great organization. They are really making a positive impact on impoverished children’s lives, and I wish them the best of luck in the future.–Dan Ianno
The Olive Orissa has extended the must needed children in education, who are poor, weak in learning and school dropouts. The Olive Orissa is engaged in developing self-help skill and vocational training for poor rural girls. I wish them best wishes – Marion Trottier
The Olive Orissa is focusing on the much needed children education and is also focusing on vocational training for the girls. Children are taught through creative ways of participation dance, play-acting game, visuals aids. I wish them best of luck in the future.- Cindy Beleau
The Olive Orissa provides poor children with extra studies who would otherwise not attend school. They are incredibly enthusiastic about their abilities and much credit should be given to The Olive Orissa – Valerie Bichler
I am highly delighted to learn that The Olive Orissa is providing education to the poorest of the poor children. I wish them best of luck from the bottom of my heart. – Rose Qudot
Children’s are the future of the country. The Olive Orissa is working with a vision to provide help and education to the poor children’s. My good wishes are always with them for. – Guillaaume Thibault