The main aim of this programme is to enhance the quality of life of tribal girls and women through increased knowledge and skills.THE OLIVE ORISSA also realized that merely imparting literacy would not be sufficient. The girls and women need vacational training or skills also to uplift their status. They should be able to stand on their feet and provide for their families. The discussions with girls and women revealed that they are also interested in learning some skills to supplement their household income. They showed interest in learning stitching and tailoring.THE OLIVE ORISSA opened three vacational training centers in tribal villages of three gram panchayat of Dhenkanal district. In a very short duration of six months the girls and women have become proficient in basic cutting and stitching.THE OLIVE ORISSA also opened imitation jewellery training centers in two tribal villages. The skill up gradation measures have been taken to enhance the existing skill of the tribal girls and women and also develop income for the trainees and to give them substitution of income through out the year.


The goal of Self Help Groups (SHG) is to become effective agents of change. SHG also enables livelihood opportunities for village women through micro-credit with existing banks in the area.

THE OLIVE ORISSA assigned tasks to provide training for Self Help Groups particularly Women in rural villages of Orissa.


  • The Centre conducts training on SHGs for SHG members.
  • It is extremely important for conducting of training programme for Self Help Groups and also the information of SHGs working procedures, rules & regulations etc.
  • Group dynamics are enhanced as well as the operational management of SHGs.
  • Workers\\’ skills are upgraded through intra-departmental meetings and different training programmes.
  • At the Centre networking is done connecting banks, blocks and district level meetings.
  • Organizing phase-wise quiz programme and competitions between SHGs on health, disability, livelihood and micro-credit in order to motivate workers and achieve more positive results.There is a monthly SHG Day for upgrading and capacity building of SHG leaders and members.


  • Monthly meetings of SHGs
  • Formation of new Self Help Groups
  • Motivation for saving and credit
  • Providing guidance, support and instruction for better book keeping
  • Motivating SHG members to participate in community based livelihood.