Our Aim Is To

To enable the community people to address their own problem utilizing the existing resources for sustainable development of the society. We help them to generate income from resources around them at their reach.


THE OLIVE ORISSA promotes catalyses education among underprivileged children, create the process to embrace these children into mainstream in a sustained manner, facilitate them to emerge as productive assets. Our vision of creating a better world for our children works on the simple yet powerful principle that the best way to change the life of a needy child to change the world in which he/she lives. THE OLIVE ORISSA established the Health Care Unit for underprivileged children with the objective of primary quality health care services to the children and their parents living in tribal villages and in slums of Orissa.

Disaster Control Programme

THE OLIVE ORISSA established its Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation Programme. The Programme\\\\’s objective is to provide immediate emergency relief and long term rehabilitation to communities in Orissa.

THE OLIVE ORISSA has responded to the critical needs arising from the natural calamity like a devastating flood in the coastal districts of Orissa and also a man made disaster of violence against minority group from the schedule caste pan and some tribal in the central Kondhamal district.

On 24th February, 2012 nearly 800 huts were destroyed in devastating fire at Kasara tribal village under Hindol Sub Division in Dhenkanal district of Orissa, rendering at least 350 tribal families homeless. Around 800 huts were gutted, four persons died and 25 persons sustained grievous burn injuries and were admitted into the hospital. Properties worth Rs.15 crores were destroyed in the fire.

THE OLIVE ORISSA extended its helping hands to provide relief to the affected families of Kansara village on 29th March, 2012, who were affected by devastating fire on 24th February, 2012. We distributed about 202 affected families the relief materials like Sarees, Blankets, Bed Sheets, Mosquito Net, Dhoti, Aluminium Water Pot, Utensils – 17 items and Study materials for the children. A team of THE OLIVE ORISSA met the affected families of Kansara village and discussed about future rehabilitation programme.


In order to enable the people to manage their livelihood comfortably and to be able to create wealth that comes with good health, THE OLIVE ORISSA has taken many initiatives, such as, health camps, mobile health check up programme and health awareness programme to make basic health care a reality for the rural and tribal people of Dhenkanal.

Skill Trainings

skill-trainingThe skill up-gradation training measures has been taken to enhance the existing skill of the rural girls and also develop technical skill among the SHG members so as to create additional income for the trainees and given them a substantial income

Now it transferred into a flourishing business model due to significant market demand over the years. Handicrafts segment has greater business potential as the sector sustains not the existing millions of artisans spread over the length and breadth of the country but also a large numbers of new entrants in the crafts activity.

Tailoring Trainings

Tailoring TrainingWe provide training on Tailoring for the women to be self dependant and earn money to supplement their family income. Through this many has been settled in the locality and could maintain the status in the society and can make their children avail the things they desire.


The goal of Self Help Groups (SHG) is to become effective agents of change. SHG also enables

livelihood opportunities for village women through micro-credit. THE OLIVE ORISSA assigned

tasks to help Self Help Groups particularly women in rural villages of Orissa.


There are many more reasons to list out which can open our eyes to realize the climate change in Orissa. Temperature has already crossed 50 degree centigrade in the few places of the state. Orissa coast has come under severe threat as sea water walks closer to the residential areas. Prediction regarding monsoon has become unpredictable and there are a lot of irregularities like intensity in precipitation  and reduction in rainy days. Many studies are findings have already established that Orissa has started facing huge impact of Clinate Change and this has also placed Orissa prominently in the global canvas.

THE OLIVE ORISSA has started it work on Climate Change to help the affected families of rural villages of Orissa.


Every month THE OLIVE ORISSA feeds over 300 tribal children in the drought and flood afflicted  areas of Orissa, which comprise some of the poorest regions of India. Yet, there are hundreds of thousands of more children whom we are not able to help due to lack of financial resources. For every dollar you give, six nourishing meals can be distributed to these needy children.

All our relief activities are carried out by volunteers of the organization. As such, there are absolutely no expenses for us other than for feeding the poor the poor tribal children, no salary, no office rent etc. This ensures that 100% of your donation is used to help needy children in rural villages of Orissa.

Your assistance in this programme is humbly requested. You can help make a difference in lives of countless children, who would otherwise be facing several hardships and difficulties. Your personal involvement in this most important is necessary to enable us to carry on this project.