Education is most vital key to ending extreme poverty. The awareness and education among tribal people is very low for which they are more backward and away from health, education and social empowerment. Tribal constitute about lot of the social set up whose economic condition is very poor. Their life being very backward the children are not cared at all. No question of education for their children which make their community further poor and backward. In course of time once the children are sent to school and properly taken care of the future their life will be prosperous. The parents are discouraged from sending their children to school, it is because they feel that schooling is often a waste of time and money.

Lack of education seems to perpetuate extreme poverty through many generations. There are many missing children who do not attend school because they are in remote areas or required to work in tribal families. To counteract this trend, THE OLIVE ORISSA is attempting to identify these missing children and enroll them.

After school support centers provide supplemental learning to compensate for poor quality education provided in the schools among the children in the age group 5 – 14 years. We offer morning and evening classes to drop out children and child laborers in the tribal villages. These Centers have been fairly effective in increasing the pass rates and in ensuring that children stay in school and not drop out.

THE OLIVE ORISSA has designed education to expand and improve comprehensive Early Childhood Education especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children among the age group 3 – 5 Years in the rural villages of Orissa. The age between 3 – 5 years lays the foundation for life long development and realization of full potential for brain. Besides stressing upon different aspects it prepares the child for school readiness. It can serve as a major factor in bringing down the drop out ratio of the children at primary level in the rural villages of Orissa.