If you have desire to work for the development of the children, community especially poor and marginalized of rural and urban settings then you may join us to make the needy smile through our efforts. You can involve with us in several ways, you may chose any one you like.

Make a Donation

Make the coming year bright for poor children, their families and communities with gifts that are sure to make the future glow with new hope. You can be a part of their happiness and fetch your hand for their great success.

Help Us To Link Up With Donors

You can be like a bridge to link up with the donors who are willing to work for the poor and marginalized. This can be the best way you can help them whom do we want to support. Your contribution towards this will be ever remembered and will be honored for many people’s smile.

Educate A Needy Child

Spare a thought for the many children in rural India who cannot afford some of the basic necessities of school life.

Now is your chance to give a needy child a head-start in life. All you have to do is select any of the handpicked gifts ranging from bicycles to laboratory equipment.

Your gift will help a needy child stay ahead on the road to success.

You could be the reason a child can dream of a better future… a future of promise, freedom and fair chances.

So, go on and gift a child the courage to dream!

Be A Volunteer

You may take an opportunity to serve people, children by being a volunteer. We provide a scope for them to learn and understand the basic developmental factors through different activities from within and outside of the country.