We give importance on promoting awareness on health and sanitation along with education which occupies an uttermost part of the social development. As the rural people are less conscious about the advantages of the same, we help them to find better techniques for the development of the existing sanitary system as well as take necessary step in the time of need. To obtain the above objectives we solely seek peoples participation in our ongoing activities.

Also at the same time we sensitize them in different groups like Children, women, adolescent and educated youths using them as society change mechanism of their own society.

The activities we undertake are:

  • Checking of reckless over-consumption and misuse of water.
  • Organizing awareness campaigning to develop the cleanliness of the village surrounding and not waste the water resources.
  • Restrict pollution of natural water.
  • Hygiene promotion in rural village families, community and living environment.
  • Cleaning their surroundings by the local youths.
  • Ensuring safe drinking water for villagers.